HR Policy
LG Chem’s HR Policy seeks to respect the creativity and autonomy of our employees, value their abilities, and reward their performance.
LG Chem’s Human Resources Policy
Our HR Policy aims to realize LG’s management philosophy, creating value for customers and conducting people-oriented business.
Basis of value creation Basis of value creation

Basis of value creation

- Respect for individual creativity and autonomy

Our creativity is the basis of value creation at LG Chem.

We value and respect each member’s originality, diversity, and autonomy, to encourage the expression of brilliance.

Basis of operation Basis of operation

Basis of operation

- Capability

We believe one’s capability is the driving force of performance.

LG Chem recruits and nurtures our members based on their capabilities and operates this process by setting up requirements and procedures.

- Performance

Rewarding performance is the key to motivating people.

We evaluate achievements fairly and reward them based on individual and organizational contributions.

Basis of administration Basis of administration

Basis of administration

- Equitable opportunities

Trust begins with equitable opportunities.

At LG Chem, we provide opportunities based on our members’ capabilities and qualifications.

- Long-term perspective

A long-term perspective is the basis of human resources and organizational management.

We make decisions and take actions regarding HR from a consistent, long-term perspective.

Maximum capability, maximum performance, and maximum benefits


We recruit the finest talents from all over the world, regardless of race, nationality, or gender.

  • LG Chem hires creative and original talents.
  • They are placed based on preference and aptitude.
  • We offer incentives to key talents considering their majors’ market value and relevance in LG Chem’s business.


Through fair and objective assessment, we provide more challenges and opportunities for education and training to the finest talents and nurture them as core members of the company.

  • Objective and fair evaluation
  • Systematic education and training opportunities by rank and job
  • Individual development consultation and planned career development system


We offer the highest level of compensation for excellent talents without discrimination based on race, nationality, gender, religion, disability, region, or affiliation.

  • Salary system based on capability and performance
  • Fair compensation based on performance
  • Promotion System