LG Chem aims to connect science to life for a better future, integrating new insight with our wealth of knowledge, technologies, and solutions.
We connect science to life
for a better future
  • “Science” refers to the wealth of knowledge, technologies, and solutions across fields that LG Chem has accumulated and will create in the future.
Connect to Life
  • “Connecting Science to Life” means LG Chem will organically link the wealth of knowledge, technologies, and solutions with new industries to enrich our lives.
Better future
  • As a global company that influences human life and industry as a whole, LG Chem will play a leading role in creating a sustainable future.
슬로건 로고 WeConnectScience

The conjoined “C” and “O” from “connect” represent the infinity symbol (∞), embodying the creation of infinite possibilities from connecting science to life.

Core Values
  • Outside-in view
    LG Chem always considers customers’ points of view in our business practice and fully utilizes the capabilities of external experts and organizations.
  • Innovation
    LG Chem constantly evolves through technological prowess and impresses customers beyond their expectations.
  • Adaptability
    We adjust strategies and processes flexibly and quickly in the face of environmental and market changes.
  • Continuous Learning
    To be proactive in our response to changes, we stay updated with an open mind.
  • Respect
    Our members are free to voice their thoughts with deep respect for one another.
  • One company
    We create synergy by collaborating with other departments to achieve our common goals.
  • Challenge
    Fearless of failure, we boldly take on new opportunities with dreams and passion.
  • Growth
    We concentrate on working with initiative and autonomy, building our capacity as both individuals and an organization.
  • Safety
    Safety is a critical principle and value, a top priority that can never be compromised.
  • Responsibility
    We recognize the wide-ranging scope of our obligations for society and the environment and act responsibly in our decisions and business.