[FSPM] Improving the life of OLED TVs


As the era of ultra-high definition (UHD) TV approaches, premium TVs that can enable such features are garnering more and more interest.

The OLED TV is one of the best-known examples of ultra-large, ultra-high-definition TVs.

By using Organic Light-Emitting Devices (OLED) that illuminate autonomously as the light source without backlights,

it can produce natural and vivid colors, and have super thin designs.

At the heart of OLED TV is the OLED diode. OLED diodes are very sensitive to oxygen and moisture,

and their lifespan is rapidly reduced when exposed to them.

To prevent this, a packaging process takes place to block its contact with the outside.

The material used here is the OLED packaging material,

which protects OLED diodes vulnerable to moisture and oxygen and plays an important role in improving their lifespan.

LG Chem's Face-Sealing Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Metal (FSPM), used as OLED packaging material,

provides superior performance with the face-seal type compared to the conventional method.

This dramatically improved the diode life of OLED panels. It is supplied in film form, which simplifies the process.

By filling between the backplane board and the packaging board, it adds the ability to protect the diode from external physical impact,

enhancing the durability of the product.