Introduced through expansion of ‘LG Chem On’
Introduced through expansion of ‘LG Chem On’
Introduced through expansion of ‘LG Chem On’
Introduced through expansion of ‘LG Chem On’

View all of LG Chem’s petrochemical products online
Introduced through expansion of ‘LG Chem On’

■ All 450 petrochemical products gathered in the integrated digital sales platform
    - Search of professional information, request for technology collaboration, and delivery status checks all integrated into DX (Digital Transformation)
    - First round opening for existing ABS products…12,000 customers visited in the last 6 months

All of LG Chem’s petrochemical products will become available for viewing online.

LG Chem announced on the 1st that the digital sales platform ‘LG Chem On’ will be expanded to include all of the petrochemical product lines.

‘LG Chem On’ is an integrated sales platform made to allow easy browsing of petrochemical products as if it were an online shopping mall, and also allow contactless technology collaboration and real-time order status checks.

LG Chem On made the first round opening of the technology collaboration function for ABS (high value-added synthetic resin)* customers in June.

Since December, LG Chem expanded to scope to include all 450 petrochemical products including PCR (recycled plastic) and biodegradable materials.

In addition to the technology collaboration, real-time delivery/order status check and C&C (claim & complaint) functions were also newly added.
*ABS: High-performance plastic with superior heat resistance and impact resistance

LG Chem broke away from the traditional face-to-face sales method that the petrochemical industry relies on, and has become the first petrochemical company in the world to provide customer contact service on an integrated digital platform.

With this product line expansion, customers are expected to more easily search products through LG Chem On, and access to technology collaboration will also be improved.

Out of the 12,000 customers who have visited the website in the last 6 months, 2,780 customers downloaded the product specification information.

The percentage of all visitors who clicked on the project request button was 12.2%, which was higher than the website target conversion rate (6-11%)* in the general B2B market.
* Ratio of website visitors who have become customers through sign-up (data collected by US research institution eMarketer)

One manager at a client company who has used LG Chem On commented “There was a lot of pressure during work as it is typical in the petrochemical industry to request for information view via phone or e-mail. Such burden was relieved as LG Chem’s platform allowed order processing, delivery status checks, and real-time technical communication.”

As the service is provided in English and Chinese, convenience for global customers is also expected to increase.

40% of all visitors to LG Chem On were customers outside of Korea, with the highest percentages coming from China (7%) and the United States (6%). India (4%) and Japan (2%) followed thereafter, and customers from South America, Europe, and Asia regions also visited LG Chem On.

In response to customer’s voices, LG Chem is preparing to additionally introduce order functions, detailed search, and more language supports.

DX Initiation Team in the Petrochemicals Company of LG Chem commented “We focused on providing real value to customers as well as a technical approach.

We will continue our customer-oriented digital transformation”.