Safety and Sustainability
Reviews safety regulations for working environment and provides relevant information
Manages and supervises compliance of business sites and prevents elements that may cause accidents
Takes measures to reduce our products’ environmental impact
Management Strategy
Proposes management directions and reviews new businesses by analyzing the business portfolio
Enhances the efficiency of internal investment and provides follow-up management
Innovation Support
Contributes to the establishment and implementation of globalization strategies in business sectors
Shares and promotes the new vision’s concept and detailed guidelines
Management Diagnosis
Diagnoses and suggests measures for each business unit, overseas subsidiaries, and business processes in general
Establishes and operates corporate policies, systems, and programs to practice Jeong-Do management
Provides basic data for analyzing and forecasting management performance and deciding strategic directions
Follows up with strategies for front-end departments such as sales, production, and R&D
Predicts market conditions using the business environment and market analysis and establishes long and short-term response strategies to purchasing costs
Finds new suppliers and substitutes to diversify the source of raw materials, reducing costs and maintaining the seamless supply chain
Manages the safe delivery of LG Chem products to domestic and overseas clients
Reduces cost and enhances competitiveness by improving logistics systems and processes
Prepares contracts for major projects such as investment, business, and restructuring and provides legal advice
Administers contracts and lawsuits between LG Chem, stakeholders, and other entities
Establishes, revises, and repeals company regulations that serve as the legal basis for business operations
Public Relations
Elevates LG Chem’s corporate image and values by promoting our business activities
Conducts PR activities through various news media channels and distributes corporate philosophy and management principles to its members
Fair Trade
Establishes corporate policies and operates compliance programs to abide by fair trade regulations
Supports key business issues by analyzing government policies and regulations
Manages IT contracting for the entire corporation, including staff, software, and hardware
Enhances corporate IT capabilities, reviews new technologies, and undertakes their applications
Plans, monitors, and helps implement the corporate IT security system
Financial Accounting
Manages accounting and settlement based on the corporate management policy, financial accounting standards, and tax laws
Prepares settlement notices using established accounting and business data, provides data for management and investment
Tax Accounting
Reviews key issues and revised tax laws and implements appropriate management guidelines
Files tax returns accurately and pays taxes on time
Establishes the mid-to-long-term financing plans, processes domestic and international transactions
Issues corporate bonds in Korea and abroad to raise funds and manages credit ratings
Oversees foreign exchange, exchange exposure, and liquidity of overseas subsidiaries
Manages IR information, stock information, and analyst reports for aggressive and efficient IR activities
Organizes and hosts major IR events such as reporting roundtables and overseas IR
Human Resources
Discovers and recruits key talents who are compatible with LG Chem’s business areas and vision
Supports the implementation of business and management strategies through systematic talent development
Talent Development
Develops and supports human resources programs to foster exceptional business leaders and specialists
Offers training aimed at creating an integrated learning service
Labor-Management Relations
Labor-Management Relations supports amicable and reasonable collective bargaining through medium-and long-term strategies.
Seeks to resolve key issues between labor and management, facilitates amicable agreement through negotiations
Plans and hosts annual corporate events and handles protocols for executive activities
Manages and supervises tangible and intangible corporate assets efficiently
Oversees corporate sustainability management and responds to CSR issues in the economy, society, and environment
Publishes corporate sustainability management report and implements CSR activities
Establishes and executes preemptive strategic responses to local and international energy and greenhouse gas policies and regulations
Diagnoses and provides technical support for a system to reduce energy and greenhouse gases