Review environment safety regulations and provide information that is related to the business environment.
Remove the potential accident risks through management and supervision of the compliance with the laws and regulations at work site.
Carry out activities to improve the eco-friendliness of the products.
Management Strategy
Propose business development directions and review new businesses through the analysis of the business portfolio.
Improve internal investment effectiveness and carry out follow-up management.
Innovation Support
Contribtne to achievement of goals by supporting the establishment and execution of the globalization strategies of business divisions.
Share and spread the concept of a newly established vision and its detailed action plans.
Management Diagnosis
Perform comprehensive diagnosis of the work processes of business divisions and overseas subsidiaries, and suggest improvement plans.
Establish and operate corporate policies, systems, and programs to practice Jeong-Do management
Provide basic data for analyzing and forecasting the management achievements and deciding the strategy establishment directions.
Support the departments in the field such as sales, production, R&D, etc., to carry out task through strategies.
Establish the procurement cost strategies and long-term & short-term procurement plans by forecasting the market conditions using the business environment and market analysis data.
Find new vendors and develop substitute parts for the diversification of raw material procurement routes, and promote cost reduction and the smooth supply of the materials.
Perform activities to safely deliver the products to the customers in and out of the country.
Reduce costs and enhance competitiveness by improving the logistics system and processes.
Legal Affairs
Prepare contracts that are necessary for major projects such as investment, business, restructuring, etc. and provide legal consultation.
Perform activities related to the contracts or the lawsuits between our company and other stakeholders.
Perform activities related to the establishment, revision, and discarding of company regulations, which are the legal basis of company management.
Public Relations
Enhance corporate image and values by promoting the business activities in and out of the company.
Carry out company PR activities through various broadcasting and news media, and spread the company philosophy and management policies to its members.
Task Management
Carry out the businesses by reviewing the details regarding legal protection of the businesses.
Support smooth business activities by acquiring the licenses and permissions from the government for the items that are required by law.
Manage corporate IT system's headcount, S/W, H/W etc
Improve enterprise IT operation capability and utilize the latest information technologies through the review of the technologies.
Plan and monitor the enterprise-wide information protection system and support its implementation.
Financial Accounting
Carry out accounting and establish settlement directions based on the management policy of the company, company accounting guidelines, and tax laws.
Execute the settlement announcement and provide the data that is necessary for the management and investment using the accumulated accounting and sales data.
Tax Accounting
Establish management guidelines and execute relevant businesses by reviewing major issues and changes in revised tax laws.
Carry out prompt and accurate tax reporting and payment.
Establish the mid- and long-term financing plans and execute/collect international and local funds.
Carry out financing in and out of the country such as issuing corporate bonds and manage credit rating.
Manage foreign exchange, exchange exposure, and liquidity of overseas subsidiaries
Manage IR information, stock information, and analyst reports for aggressive and efficient IR activities.
Plan and execute major IR events such as production of annual reports, overseas IR, and business performance discussion meetings.
Human Resource
Acquire and maintain potential employees who are suitable for our business areas based on the vision of our company.
Support the execution of business management through systematic talent development.
Human Resource Development
Develop and support human resources programs to procure business leaders and specialists based on competency.
Execute training activities to pursue integrated learning service as a goal.
Support smooth and reasonable negotiations for the collective wage agreement by establishing and executing a mid- and long-term labor-management strategies.
Support by bringing efficient resolution to major issues between labor unions through alternate solutions and negotiations.
General Affairs
Establish/execute annual plans for corporate events and execute protocol events regarding the activities of executives.
Carry out efficient asset management and support activities regarding tangible/intangible assets of the company.
Manage corporate sustainability management systems and respond to corporate sustainability management issues in economic/social/environment areas.
Publish corporate sustainability management report and execute corporate social responsibility activities.
Establish and execute appropriate strategic responses to local and international energy and greenhouse gas policies/regulations
Diagnose/set up and provide technical support to the system to reduce energy and greenhouse gases