Production Technology
Establish plans for production and material procurement, and manage various data related to the production.
Operate production facilities and establish/execute the investment plan.
Secure cost competitveness and develop enhanced technology
Production Facilities
Carry out maintenance and improvement activities regarding overall facilities (pipes, fixed equipment, rotating equipment, etc.) in the factory.
Select/procure equipment necessary for expanding the factory or facility.
Operate and maintain the production facilities, respond to the expansion of the facilities and perform related management activities.
Facility Technology
Design, develop and manage machinery/facilities.
Design innovative processes based on the general/specialized knowledge about material.
Renovate/Develop facilities for in-house facility development and productivity improvement.
Quality Assurance
Establish, operate, and diagnose quality management system for raw materials, parts, processes, products, etc.
Review and approve newly developed items or changed items.
Carry out internal and external QC/QA activities (respond to the quality defects reported by customer, improve internal process, etc.).
Provide solution regarding the cause of the problem and the counterplan when a quality problem occurs in the product that was sold to the customer at the customer's site or field.
Respond to customers regarding product quality/specifications and production/technology of our company.