Production Technology
Establishes and carries out plans for production and material procurement and manages data related to production
Operates production facilities, establishes and executes investment plans
Develops technology to ensure product and cost competitiveness
Production Equipment
Maintains and upgrades equipment at plants (piping, fixtures, and rotary equipment)
Selects and purchases machinery for equipment and factory expansion
Operates, maintains, repairs, and expands production equipment
Equipment Technology
Designs, develops, and manages machinery and equipment
Designs innovative processes based on general and specialized knowledge about materials
Domestically produces equipment, repairs and develops equipment to enhance productivity
Quality Assurance
Establishes, operates, and diagnoses quality management system for raw materials, parts, processes, and products
Reviews and approves new and modified products
Handles internal and external QC and QA, such as responding to defects reported by customers and improving internal processes
Resolves quality issues in products and implements measures for improvement
Responds to client needs on product quality, specifications, production, and technological issues